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LED Strip Remotes

Control your LED strips from anywhere

LED strip remote controls are a convenient way to control the brightness, colour, and effects of your LED strips. They come in a variety of types, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Standard remotes are the most common type of remote control. They are typically designed for several types of LED strips. Standard remotes are relatively affordable and easy to use.

Universal remote can be used with any type of LED strip. It offer a wider range of features than standard remote controls, such as the ability to control multiple strips simultaneously and create custom effects. Universal remote is more expensive than standard remotes, but it offer more flexibility.

Digital Pixel remote is designed for Digital Pixel LED strip. These strips are made up of individual pixels that can be controlled independently. Digital pixel remote controls offer a wide range of effects that are not possible with standard or universal remote controls.

Product's characteristics

Code Manual Compatible with Strip Type
Standard controllers
Single colour, CCT & RGBW
Standard controllers
Single colour, CCT & RGBW
Standard controllers
Single colour & RGBW
Universal controller
All strips
Pixel controller

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