18W/m COB LED Strip, Addressable Digital Pixels, 5m

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  • 18W/m COB LED strip.
  • 24V input voltage with IP20 protection.
  • Addressable digital pixels.
  • High-density strip with 720 LEDs per meter.
  • 12mm printed circuit board (PCB).


Quik Strip 18W/m COB LED Strip, 24V IP20 Addressable Digital Pixels (WS2811), 720LEDS/m, 12mm PCB, 5m

– 18W/m COB LED strip provides intense illumination.
– Operates on a safe and efficient 24V input.
– Addressable digital pixels for dynamic lighting effects.
– Boasts an impressive 720 LEDs per meter for vibrant displays.
– Comes with a sturdy 12mm printed circuit board (PCB) for lasting performance.

The Quik Strip 18W/m COB LED Strip, 24V IP20 Addressable Digital Pixels (WS2811), 720LEDS/m, 12mm PCB is a powerful lighting solution, delivering exceptional brightness at 18W/m. It operates efficiently at 24V, ensuring a safe and consistent power supply. With IP20 protection, it’s suitable for various indoor applications. This LED strip features addressable digital pixels (WS2811), allowing for dynamic and customizable lighting effects. Impressively, it boasts a high LED density with 720 LEDs per meter, making it perfect for vibrant displays. Its robust 12mm printed circuit board (PCB) ensures durability and long-lasting performance.


– Brand: Quik Strip.
– LED Strip Type: COB LED strip.
– Length: 5m.
– Power Consumption: 18W.
– Voltage Rating: 24V DC.
– Protection: IP20 rating.
– LED Density: High-density strip with an impressive 720 LEDs.
– PCB Width: 12mm (PCB).
– Cuttable: Easily cut to desired lengths for customized installations.
– Applications: Ideal for architectural lighting, accent lighting, and creative lighting displays.

Additional information

Strip Type

Digital Pixel COB





IP Rating


LEDs Qty

720 LEDs/m

PCB Width


Reel Length



3 years