12W/m COB LED Strip, CCT (2200K-6500K), 10m

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  • 12W/m COB LED strip.
  • IP65 protection against dust and water.
  • Adjustable color temperature.
  • High LED density with 608 LEDs.
  • Illumination at 68-98 lumens per meter.


Quik Strip 12W/m COB LED Strip, 24V IP65 CCT (2200K-6500K), 608LEDS/m, 68-98Lm/m, 10mm PCB, 10m

– 12W/m COB LED strip.
– IP65 rated for dust and water resistance.
– Adjustable 2200K-6500K color temperature.
– High LED density: 608 LEDs per meter.
– Efficient 68-98 lumens per meter with 10mm PCB.

The Quik Strip 12W/m COB LED Strip, 24V IP65 CCT (2200K-6500K), 608LEDS/m, 68-98Lm/m, 10mm PCB is a versatile lighting solution, offering high efficiency with a 12W per meter output. With an IP65 rating, it’s designed to withstand both dust and water exposure, making it suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications. Its adjustable color temperature ranges from warm 2200K to cool 6500K, allowing for customizable lighting to suit any environment. This LED strip is high-density, featuring an impressive 608 LEDs per meter, ensuring bright and even illumination. Operating on a 24V power source, it offers an efficient performance with 68-98 lumens per meter while utilizing a 10mm wide PCB. This makes it an excellent choice for architectural, decorative, and outdoor lighting projects, combining versatility and reliability.


– Brand: Quik Strip.
– LED Strip Type: COB LED strip.
– Power Consumption: 12W .
– Length: 10m.
– Voltage Rating: 24V.
– Protection Rating: IP65, offering resistance to dust and water.
– Color Temperature Range (CCT): 2200K (warm white) to 6500K (cool white).
– LED Density: High-density strip with 608.
– Luminous Flux: 68-98 lumens.
– Printed Circuit Board Width: 10mm  PCB.
– Applications: Architectural, decorative, and outdoor lighting projects, ensuring versatility and reliability.

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